Friday, October 14, 2011

Why I (still) love the Con

I stopped in at New York Comic-Con tonight on my way home from drinks at the Old Town. Granted, I didn't start attending Comic-Con when it was a few folding tables with old comic books in downtown San Diego. But I have been going for a while. I almost skipped this year, but here's why I still love the Con. Eleven reasons, because prime numbers are cool (at the Con).

1. The Popular Kids can't make it to the Con.
2. People read at the Con.
3. Folks are humble at the Con.
4. They give you the benefit of the doubt at the Con.
5. Good ideas come from the Con.
6. Nobody tries to stop you at the Con.
7. There's a lack of irony at the Con.
8. All body types are celebrated at the Con.
9. The graphics are great at the Con.
10. People share at the Con.
11. There's a lot of hope at the Con.

See you in San Diego.


Elizabeth Varadan aka Mrs. Seraphina said...

That's a nice list!

Sharon said...

Hi. I stumbled into your blog while hopping around the internet gathering information on literary agents....but the joke of it is, it was your bunny mascot that got my attention. I am a sucker for rabbits and love your Bunny Eat Bunny tagline. Very clever, well done and I love that rabbit!

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