Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Guest blogger: Barack Obama

I'll let the president be a guest blogger today:

"In the end, there is no program or policy that can substitute for a mother or father who will attend those parent/teacher conferences, or help with homework after dinner, or turn off the TV, put away the video games, and read to their child."

These words are more valuable than any bailout.


beth said...

Hear, hear! Glad I voted for that man :)

Paul Äertker said...

You said it perfectly: more valuable than any bailout. Thanks for posting.

Ginny said...

That wonderful man also mentioned the public library as the place where the South Carolina school girl typed her letter alerting the President about the horrid conditions in her school. Bravo, Mr. President. Bravo, South Carolina school girl.

Jean Reidy said...

My heart is in my throat. Bravo Mr. President!