Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Maybe I'm just waiting for the musical?

As I walked to work this morning, a bus stopped at the corner opposite me with an enormous advertisement for the 20th anniversary of Phantom of the Opera. My inner theatre buff, who thrills at any opportunity to start internally belting showtunes, was activated. But before I could get through more than just the first few bars of "Think of Me Fondly," I was stopped short. Because I realized something.

Ponder this:

And then these:

Edward Cullen is to 2008 what The Phantom was to...1988.
Why haven't I noticed this before?! Still unconvinced?

Then take a look:

At this: And then this:

And now, rather than penning a lengthy comparison (though I'm tempted!) between a 108-year-old vampire who seduces a teenage everygirl and a Phantom who lives underneath the Paris Opera House and seduces a teenage ingenue, I will just be sitting here, mentally rewriting Phantom lyrics, Twilight-style, in my head ALL DAY LONG.
"I'm watching you / Watching you sleeping / Ev'ry single night..."

Feel free to play along in the comments . . . I hate singing alone.


Eliza said...

Ohhh, so much fun!

Wond'ring if
if you're dreaming
eeeet's your neck I'll biiiite

Mark said...

Hmmmm... I'm not so familiar with "Phantom." So I'll have to contribute something a little more my style:

It's just a jump to the left
And then a step to the right
With your hands on your hips
You bring your knees in tight
But it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane,
Let's do the Time Warp again!

Abby said...

Whoa, you just blew my mind a little...! Too tired to think of lyrics, but this is interesting to think about!

Shelli said...

Let me be
your vampire,
let me
be take a bite.
You're safe:
james will not find you
far behind you . . .

Anonymous said...

Seriously, NEVER considered that, but now that you say it...so obvious!!! Thanks!

LIndsey Leavitt said...

And now I officially have twenty songs stuck in my head. Here's a little ditty...

Prima Bella
First lady of YA
Your vampiree
is begging please
not to bite you!

Can you bow out
when Jacob's calling
your name?

Dude, why do all these guys
adore you?

Prima Bella
great, you tripped once again
Think of your dad
he'd be so mad
if you relented

Can you deny us the romance in store?
Sing, prima Bella, once more!


TadMack said...

Oh, NO!!!!!!!!!!!
But... it's true...

No more talk of klutzes,
Forget these wide-eyed fears,
I'm here...

::rolling on the floor, gagging::

(Here via Fuse#8, School Library Journal)

EM said...

I think my head just exploded. (And this post comes not too long after Go Fug Yourself featured Sarah Brightman's current wackjob concert outfit . . . )

lili said...


Renee Kurilla said...

I KNEW there was something strikingly familiar about those book covers!

I am equally in love with both the books and the musical.Everything makes sense to me now.

I only hope that the Twilight movie isn't in musical format...I haven't seen it yet. :)

Anonymous said...

This just about killed me tonight, but since it is now stuck in my head:

Think of me
Think of me fondly
When we say goodnight.
Remember me
While you are sleeping
I promise I won't bite.

When you take a walk,
And you fall and bump your knee
If you ever need a medic
Stop and think of me.